Back in August of 2018, the Elvis 68 Comeback Special 50th anniversary presentation was playing at local theaters across the country. What a thrill to see it on the big screen for the first time ever! … also to see the famous ’68 Comeback Special Ring in our collection at The Kings Ransom Museum – on a screen so big that the ring was the size of your head!
The ring I am referring to is the very identifiable one that Elvis wore on his right pinky for most of the special. From the opening “If You’re Looking for Trouble” scene, to most of the stand-up and sit-down segments in the black leather suit, to most of the production numbers, including “Little Egypt / Guitar Man”, this beautiful piece can be spotted. Elvis also wore it while performing his “If I Can Dream” grand finale.
What a thrill to own a true piece of ELVIS PRESLEY history – especially from one of the major benchmarks in his incredible career that bridged the gap between his years in Hollywood to his return to live performing the following year, 1969.
Researching, tracking down and collecting rare Elvis artifacts has been a lifelong passion of ours. It’s great fun, and you can join in the fun and benefit from our experience with such artifacts.
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Preserving history has never been more enjoyable!
As you watch the new ’68 Comeback Special All-Star Tribute tonight on NBC, be sure to look for it on Elvis’ right pinky for a good part of the program!