Elvis Owned, Worn and Used Artifacts

To provide you with a sense of the caliber and diversity of items we offer, here are three remarkable Elvis artifacts that were recently part of our collection. To see what items are currently available to purchase, join our mailing list.

Gold Nugget Diamond Ring

Massive gold nugget ring with large 2.5 carat diamond, worn by Elvis during the famous Las Vegas “Fight Night”

Square 14k Gold Ring

Enormous 14k gold ring, encrusted with 36 diamonds gifted to Elvis by Liberace

Massive Gold & Topaz Ring

Gold ring with a huge 5 carat blue topaz, worn by Elvis in MGM’s 1972 film “Elvis on Tour”


A Sampling of Elvis Presley Artifacts in the Collection

Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, Watches, Cufflinks, Pins and other Jewelry Items

Shirts, Pants, Jackets, Pajamas, Robes Other and personal Worn Clothing Items
Guns, Badges, Handcuffs, Flashlights, Holsters, Pistol Grips and other Police Related Items
Elvis-Owned Acetates, Books, Bibles, Prescription Bottles, Glasses and other personal items
Furniture, Paintings, Television Sets, Vases, Lamps, China and other Personal Items from Elvis’ Graceland and California homes
Signed contracts, Documents, Checks, Notes, Promotional photos and other Rare Ephemera
Scarves, Guitar Picks, Backstage Passes, Ticket Stubs Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe Menus, Posters Ashtrays, Ink Pens, and Other Stage and Tour- Related Artifacts


Some of the past items offered over the years to Elvis Relics members

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